Our Story

Having grown up in family businesses, we know how emotional, disruptive and challenging it can be to contemplate a transition.  This is why Owner Resource Group is focused on you.

We created ORG because you deserve a better way of finding and working with the capital partner most able to help you achieve your goals. We didn’t name our firm after some tree or rock or river – our name reflects our purpose – to be a valuable and dependable resource to business owners.

Rather than rely on intermediaries to bring us “deals”, we proactively build direct, personal relationships with business owners and executives. We do this so that when you are ready for a capital partner, you already have a relationship with one – one who shares your values and understands your business.

Our Values

Trust: We understand that trust is earned, so we often spend years getting to know owners and management teams before making an investment in a business. When you decide it’s time to partner with us, you’ll know exactly who you are dealing with.

Transparency: No private equity black box here. Our approach is predicated on forthright and honest communication, alignment of interests, and a patient, discrete approach.

Collaboration: Your goals are unique and your business is your legacy, your baby and your greatest asset. So, we listen to what you want to accomplish and work directly with you to ensure that our investment achieves the goals you’ve communicated to us.

Flexibility: One size does not fit all, so we adapt to you. We structured our firm, our culture and our capital to be nimble and flexible so that we can configure an investment specifically to fit your goals, your business, and your people.